Reading at Central Square

Study Strategies & Reading Strategies:

Reading Strategy of the Month:

Oral Reading Fluency --teachers in 6-8 will be using this site to assess student oral reading fluency.

This site includes how to give ORF assessments & includes ORF norms for grades 1-8:\

Hasbrouck & Tindal ORF Norms--used by Read Naturally & CSMS

Fluency Links

Online ORF Passage Generators

Okapi--through Intervention Central--run readability statistics on passages & create CBMs

This ORF generator will give you different readability statistics:

Independent Reading Ideas

Monster Librarian--Horror books for kids of all ages!

This English teacher has some creative independent reading ideas:
Mrs. Tibbit's IR site

Some of this teacher's ideas are good, but it seems like a very involved project:
Here is a very good look at Literature Workshop with a ton of project ideas for independent reading: